One Bad Night

Melody wakes up to a nightmare that only gets worse.
Written by: Vincent King
Script Editing by: Tarran Merlo
Directed and Produced by: Adam Blanford
Music by: Meghan Rose Scott
Casting by: Persephone Rose and Jali Redwyne
Artwork by: Bernie Nye
Cast in order of Appearance
Melody - Abby Rose
Mark The Wolf - Stewart Moyer
Skeleton # 1 - Kuren K
Skeleton # 2 - Sarah McManus
Skeleton # 3 - Vincent Fabbri
Witch - Kaitlyn Kliman
Dracula - Paul Cotton
Goblin # 1 - Gary Scales
Goblin # 2 - Gwendolyn Jensen
Fernod/Monkey - Persephone Rose
Frankenstein - Carlos Ortega Jr
Wayne The Rat - Sheila Morris
Lady Vampire - Jali Redwyne
Zombie - Jessie Keeton
Old Lady - Charlotte Norup
T-Rex - Brian Anderson
Evil Clown - Kuren K
Axe Killer - Eric Umstott
Cowboy - Steven Schneider
Alien # 1 - Adam Blanford
Alien # 2 - Melissa Sheldon
Death - Grant Patrizio

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Thrown Together Productions
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